Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Out for the Day

About twenty five of us friends had a day out today in Valeggio sul Mincio.

We went to a wonderful agriturismo, Corte Marzago, that belongs to my friend's family.

They have a bed and breakfast and also several vineyards for their own wine production.

I bought a case of the white Custoza which is the area for that DOC wine.

Entrance to the Agriturismo.
It use to be a convent in the 1500s.
You can still see the steeple of their church.

We started with a quilt lesson from Roberta Bugli, one of the Ad Maiora quilting pioneers.

It is  a fabulous hand-sewing project taken from the magazine Quiltmania.

Teacher's example.

I like to have those on the go for when I travel. I think I will make this one of my projects.

Some of my amazing friends.

It is so nice to sit together and the old days, I guess,
when women got together
and shared stories while making things for their loved ones.
Down time is good!
We do a lot of laughing.

Someone was selling small scented cushions to put in drawers. The money went to charity. I bought this one made by a 90-year-old women. ALL BY HAND!!

You can not believe the work!

We had a fabulous lunch...

The chef in his kitchen

... with the main course being the famous tortellini of Valeggio served with a butter and sage sauce. The pasta is so thin! The filling is meat.

photo montage, Maria Teresa Sansotta

A few of us took a side trip to Borghetto,

where they have a famous tortellini festival in June.

The festival is really about eating the famous tortellini with tables set out on the bridge which is all lit up with candles!

I just love being here!

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  1. Thank you for taking me to Italy with you through your beautiful blog. Thank you for continuing to write your blog - it is thoughtful and well presented.
    I wish that more people would comment so that you are encouraged to keep on....