Thursday, May 19, 2016

Knitting Beautiful Colours

The yarn I bought at the Frolic in Toronto before I left is fabulous!

It is hand-dyed. It goes from orange to purple is a slow progression. Most yarns I have seen have a colour transition that is too stark.

 I only bought one ball, 115 grams, so my project is small.

I made a cowl and had to undo it as it didn't go around my neck twice without choking me!

I had to rip it out. If you repeat rip it rip it rip it...kind of sounds like a frog sound. That is why knitters say they "frogged" a piece. So you see undoing work is part of knitting.

It took one week to make and ten minutes to undo!

Knitting while waiting for the train.
...on my way to Mantova.

I am starting again.

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