Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Journalling in Umbria

The Umbria trip is officially ON!!

I confirmed the villa, driver, dying class, lecture, studio tour, cooking class and some lunches yesterday. SO EXCITING!!

The rest of the schedule can be confirmed closer to the arrival date.

Lunch with Sofia Verna. (left)
She will be teaching the dying class.

I have posted about the Umbria trip before. (click here for details)

Our villa is the one with a rectangle roof
in the centre of all that green.
I took the photo from the town.

If you have been thinking about it, now is the time to let me know. There are only
2 spots available.

Entrance to the villa.

I am super excited about the direction of this trip. The plan I have for our daily journalling will help the travellers see things in a different way. It will help them be more sensitive to their environment. I think the exercise will help them with their own art work.

Right now I am working on extending some ideas from my own journal which I made two summers ago while in the south of Italy.

These new works will help attendees understand the process of taking one journal idea and growing it into a textile work.

Look at these wonderful pictures of Umbria. Who wouldn't want to experience that!

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  1. ..the pics look fabulous..it's Umbria, St. Francis' territory, the only problem is ...that you may not want to leave..!!!!