Friday, March 25, 2016


The nice thing about going through boxes and bags of stuff in my studio is finding things I forgot I had- mostly quilt blocks.

Bear Paw blocks were almost all made up!

As I reorganized shelves, fabric and spools of thread, I did spend some time sewing those blocks together or adding a border on some quilt tops that needed a frame.

Made using 5 inch squares and a few rectangles.
Made using  my fabric scraps of course!
I did buy new fabric for the back.

I sent several quilt tops out to the quilter for layering and quilting.

I love this lime green binding.
I could have gone with dark brown (boring)
or even a blue but the green makes a splash!

The whole process did take away some time from my art work but I feel it was worth it. It is much better to have these quilts done than in a box where no one can enjoy them.

What a treat sewing by the fire on a cold spring day!

I urge you to do the same!

Make it a spring cleaning project!

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