Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I went to see Paolo Vigevani's photography exhibit at the Scavi Scaligeri.

The cubes and wonderful violet carpet
were left over from the opening
which I couldn't go to due to another social event.

I went with a photographer friend. We had some great discussions about the pieces, the industry and the fact that "everyone" is a photographer these days.

Vigevani had many shots of people, as if he was spying hence the name of the exhibit Quando L'Occhio Diventa una Spia (When the Eyes Become a Spy)... I wonder if some of his subjects were staged.

Il fotografo del traghetto
New York, 2000
I love the look the subject is giving us.
I love the colours.
I love the lines.
I love the three male images.

I can't see many of his shots being allowed today due to privacy issues. I think we'll see less and less candid-people shots which is too bad.  In the 1950s, Fred Herzog, a Canadian photographer, documented life in Vancouver. His work is full of great candid shots. TVO had a great documentary on him which aired Fall 2014.

Vigevani's exhibit is on till May 10, if you're in the Verona neighbourhood.

One of the things I got out of his exhibit is AFFIRMATION for my own work, for my own eyes and what I see. I felt good that some of his works were things I have photographed.


Or how about these:



To me, it was a YES you are on the right track. YES you have an artistic sense.

(ps My computer isn't liking this relocation (although I am!). I can't receive or send emails from Italy at this time. I will answer emails as soon as I can.)

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