Thursday, January 29, 2015

Maybe it's a Sign

I read an email too quickly and missed an important sentence.

There is in fact a traveller for my Verona trip that would indeed like to share the apartment, a quilter who'd like a room mate.

Find the white church tower at the top curve in the river. Walk back diagonally to the left until you find the green, top of a tree situated between the two bridges. That is pretty much where our apartments are!
Photo taken by my Italian friend Caterina from the air!

So I guess there is STILL a spot left for the trip- a spot for double occupancy.

View of the Roman Theatre

Maybe you saw the other post saying the trip was full and you were so disappointed. Well, this is a sign! The spot opened up for you!

Pass the word around, talk about it at your guild, call a friend who you know would love to do this.

You don't have to leave from Toronto or even Canada as the trip begins in Verona.

It is an amazing experience.

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