Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Year

The kids have returned to their homes, the house is quiet again. There are still signs around the house of our festivities, like a dining-room table full of dirty crystal glasses waiting to be washed by hand and a fridge full of amazing leftovers, or as I like to call them "highlights of the week".

cluttered design wall!
I have contemporary work up
as well as the traditional 9-patch blocks
for a quilt I am working on.
I should really only have ONE thing up there at a time.

I have decided to redo my studio. A good project to start with. I am no longer inspired when I enter the space. Sometimes I don't even want to go in the room! So it's time.

Where to begin... The important thing is to start, to actually begin.

folded fabrics everywhere!

I am a list maker. I take a job or a goal and break it down into manageable bits. I feel good when I accomplish a task that takes me closer to my goal. The task is sometimes a very small step but nonetheless something that takes me closer to the end.

I will keep my cigar boxes
filled with embroidery floss and threads.

 A make over. The new year is a good time to make such a change.

prize ribbon
for a contemporary work I did in 2009.
I will keep that visible!

May your 2015 be filled with inspiring changes.

Happy New Year.

1 comment:

  1. new year Sandra!
    I am doing a studio re-do as well. I want to be able to have good light and a good view of the design wall - and have purged the big work table in favour of a smaller desk. things like that.
    good luck to you xx