Friday, October 3, 2014


I wasn't sure what to call this post but PERSONALITY I think is right.

When you make a quilt where does your personality come through? (No where if you are making a quilt from a kit!)

If you are expressing yourself your person is everywhere- in your colour choice, in your placement of blocks and shapes, in your fabric selection (which I hope is yours and not the lady's from the quilt shop!)

Even in this traditional red and white pattern made by hand, the personality of the maker can come through! In this case I'd say it is in the back fabric choice.

I see a sense of humour in the person who made this cotton quilt. The back is playful. I have several antique quilts in my collection that have a plain white backing which would have worked perfectly fine for this quilt... but not as fun!

It is an antique quilt from a friend's cottage in Nova Scotia.

Sadly there is no label. No one in her family knows who made it and when. She has a complete cupboard full ...all anonymous.

I see those unlabelled quilts without an anchor, without a place in the past. I see them floating and  hovering not attached to anyone.

A name and a date is all you need to write. It's so important.

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