Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Promise

I promise I will not check my cell phone messages or Face Book status during our class.

I promise to mind the clock so that 5 minutes before the class ends I won’t throw all final instructions at you and confuse you.

I promise to start the class on time and not half an hour late.

I promise to end the class at the scheduled time and not go over by 2 to 3 hours.

I promise I won’t make you run around town looking for supplies that are not really necessary for the class.

I promise to share all my tips for the project and not holdback the best ideas for myself.

I promise not to squash your creativity and impose my colour choice on you.

I promise not to talk down to you when you ask a question just because I am knowledgable on the subject.

I promise to give you more that just 'reading the pattern' to you.

I promise I will not sew my own projects during the class.

I promise to have my samples made and ready and not sew them up while I should be walking around helping you.

I promise to make my classes fun and inspirational.

As students you shouldn’t settle for anything less!!!

During the last two years, I have taken a number of classes, not necessarily sewing workshops, and all the above were things I observed in the classes I took. Needless to say there are some places I won’t go back to. Remember as a paying consumer you do have influence!

I am teaching several quilt classes this Fall. Click here to view the calendar.

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