Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again...spring cleaning. The class is later this year because the spring season just arrived this week!

Make this fun and easy zig zag quilt top using scraps!!

I am offering my annual Spring Cleaning quilt class where students use their scrap fabric and clear out their fabric bins.

I am renting a new space this year - Artscape Young Place, http://artscapeyoungplace.ca/flex-studios/

The studio is gorgeous and conducive to great creating. Lots of natural light and cork boards to pin up your work in progress.

Save the date.. Sunday, JUNE 1 @10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please join me for a fun day of sewing and more sewing and chatting with friends. A light lunch is included.

For more info click here. Sign up soon.

zig zags found on a walk in Montreal

Past students say:

I had a very good day at the workshop on Sunday. As always your teaching was excellent and I learned a lot. You make everyone feel comfortable and encourage everyone to develop in their own way. () Thank you again for what you put into your classes. MDF

Your class was (as always) incredible.  You are truly an inspirational
teacher and I love the fact that you outline the design and we are then
encouraged to put our own stamp on things.() The day was so relaxing despite my hurrying to get something done and making mistakes that I then had to fix. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Haven't finished a block on this one yet and I can't wait for your next class! Tempted to (ahem) call in sick tomorrow to work on the quilt! MM

I love your insights about colour and arrangement especially because your aesthetic appeals to me so much. I'd never have stuck with quilting at all if I'd have taken classes with a very traditionally minded quilter. You support people's efforts but also get us to think more creatively and critically about what we're doing and the choices we're making. And you give such helpful tips as well as explaining clearly the reasons for doing things in a particular way--it makes so much sense to follow directions when you understand why a method works. MDF

Happy Spring (finally).

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