Monday, April 21, 2014

Family Support

My boys took care of the Easter feast and I had time to work on an art piece that has to be in Germany by May 1. It's crunch time!

in the background, detail of Marie Josée Danzon's textile art

While I was waiting for things to dry, I did some hand quilting and I am happy to say that I have overcome my fear of it thanks to your emails and encouraging tips and techniques.

I actually enjoyed quilting this mini quilt
which I pieced ages ago but lost in my studio.
(yes I am reorganizing the's spring clean up time!)

I think it was the frame that was a problem for me. Without it I can sew freely. Since I am quilting a mini quilt I think it works fine.

It really helps when you use a new needle that is super sharp!
The coloured fabric is 30's reproduction. Each piece of the 9-patch
measures half an inch square.

Got to get back to the art piece....

This is the hand-dyed
thread I am using
in my art piece.
 I bought it in Umbria at a market.

Unfortunately, I can not show you any part of the piece I am finishing up before it hangs at the exhibit. I will post about it in mid-June.

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