Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quilts as Gifts

When you make a quilt for someone special you put your heart in it.

Decor from restaurant Olive et Gourmando in Old Montreal

I know from experience that, in general, people who do not make things or sew quilts have no concept of how much time and effort it takes to create something. I have even heard people say, Well it's cheaper if you make something...which it isn't as we know!

I made a special baby quilt for my cousin's first baby. In the card that accompanied it,  I explained what I designed for him.

I used blue to symbolize the sky- The sky's the limit in what you can do in life. I used straight quilt lines in variegated thread to symbolize the many roads he will take in his life.

I love using fun fabrics for bindings.

I explained that it should be many times do recipients say it is too beautiful to use. I wrote, "It should be used for riding in strollers, for making tents, for reading under, for cuddling under with your mom and dad."

I proposed a few games. Using the 1 inch squares you could play "I Spy"... I spy a dotted line, a star, a letter B... or find two fabrics that are the same.

I made it personal. I added a 1 inch square of a map of Paris which is where his godmother lives. On the front, I placed a large letter J for his first name. On the back, I added a fat quarter which made a reference to his family name.

Fat quarter on the back.

I also stated how many hours it took to make. People have a different level of appreciation once they know that!

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  1. I love all those things you said about this quilt and wrote down for baby and mother. All beautiful and important, and so is the quilt.