Monday, March 10, 2014

Quilting Curves

Quilter Jeannie Jenkins has a picture of her quilt, Triumph of the Hexagons, printed on a phone case cover. Great idea!! (she did it on-line). That quilt was exhibited in France in 2012 as part of Tradition in Transition.

I took a class from her this weekend.

Mine is the pink one at the end.
All the student samples look great.

It has been a while since I have taken a quilt class so I did a spur-of-the-moment-sign-up for a Curved Piecing class at Sew Sisters.

We used a cool ruler!
I had a fun day, a ME day. I met some new people and connected with someone I had met a few years ago.

Jeannie showed us some other options
 using that same ruler.
I am not a gadget person but I did enjoy this ruler
and see other applications for it.
I will be having some fun with that!
The example above shows 8 blocks.

It is a good idea to change a coloured image of a scrap quilt to a black and white one to test your fabric values.

I have decided that the lightest medium (a pale lilac)
is too light for me. I won't pick it out
 (don't' believe in that..Marg)
but I won't use it again in any other block.

Using solids means your quilting has to be top notch, in my opinion! I can see with the Modern Quilt trend that people will have to brush up on their quilting skills. Either that or the long-arm quilters will be making a fortune.

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