Monday, December 9, 2013

More Last Minute Gifts to Make

For those of you looking to make gifts for this upcoming giving season, here is my idea for this year.

A table runner that takes about 45 minutes to make!


1/2 metre of fabric, which will be the back and the strips down the side. In my example, the darker fabric.
8.5 inches for the inside panel, which should compliment the outside fabric. I used pieces from the same fabric line.


1. Sew the inside panel fabric to the 1/2 metre piece making a long tube shape. The selvage edges will be at the top and bottom of your tube. You do this by laying the panel fabric good sides facing on the other fabric and sewing along the edge.

2. Turn the tube right side out so you have the good sides facing outwards.

3. Flatten out the tube shape so that the side strips are equal in width. (The side strips will be somewhere between 2.5 and 3 inches) I just measure down the sides and flatten with my hand. Then I iron to set.
At this point you can add a piece of flannel as a batting inside the tube and quilt it in place if you like. Alternatively, you can quilt without any batting or flannel to give the runner more detail. I did neither and it was very nice just the same…and way faster!

4. Cut off the selvage edges on the top and bottom ends of your flattened tube.

5. Fold the runner in half as if you are closing a book. Have the front of the runner facing you as you do this step.
At this point you can add a tassel inside "the book" as you close it. Lay the tassel inside the book. Leave the tail of the tassel hanging out slightly so it is seen as you sew across the top. (next step) This will give you a tassel hanging off the pointed end as a finished look.

Here I have folded the flattened tube and sewn across the top.
You will be sewing on the good side of the fabric.
It seems odd but you are doing it correctly.

6. Sew along the top edge.

7. Repeat steps 3 and 4 at the other end.

8. Open up your runner and flip the triangular piece you have just created so you get a nice pointed end looking at the runner from the front. Iron.

This is the back view. You will have made a "hood".

This is the view from the front.
If you added a tassel there would be one hanging from the point.

A runner can make a simple, solid-colour tablecloth look festive. It can also dress up a wooden table.

By changing the fabric choices you can make a runner for a child's bedroom. It could look great on the top of a chest of drawers.

Of course, you can opt instead on buying a table runner at Pottery Barn for $90.00.

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