Friday, July 5, 2013

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2013

The rain did not deter visitors from touring the tents at the 52nd edition of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (TOAE).

I was invited to be on the jury for the Fibre category. The selection was done back in March. It was a big honour for me to be asked to give my opinion alongside textile veterans and members of their board of directors.

When I visit the expo, I usually stick to the textile exhibits but this year I paid more attention to artists doing work in other mediums.

Adam Colangelo works with copper. Each piece of metal is treated to give a different look. No paint is used.

Artist Adam Colangelo stands in front of one of his latest works
 from his Global Series.
48" x 48" 

I love the textures he creates on the copper.

They are like mini art pieces in themselves.

I stopped to see standing lamps by visual artist Julia White.

They are textile art.


When lit, the texture takes on a different appearance.

One of my favourite painters at this show is Joseph Sampson. He paints the most amazing oceans! It has been a few years now that I have wanted a painting done by him of the water I see in the south of Italy. I talked to him about the idea this time. Yes, I am like that-get an idea and be pro-active about it.

Joseph Sampson stands beside some of his smaller works.

I did stop a while to admire work by Lizz Aston.

Artist Lizz Aston

I hope in the future to be able to introduce her art to some of my European colleagues interested in textile.

Lizz Aston's work

You can see past posts on TOAE by clicking here and here.

The art show goes until July 7 at Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto.


  1. congratulations on being a juror for this important event.

    I have not been able to visit blogs for so long - and you have a lot of things here for us all to enjoy.

    I hope that you are enjoying your summer. I am very busy with family of all ages - old and young, tall and busy and loving every minute, but not working enough. xxxx

  2. I Love it Sandra.
    What wonderful pieces of art.....I especially love the "Copper" one by Colangelo.
    Wish I lived in your city.....I would follow you everywhere in person.

    Hugs from Montreal