Thursday, July 18, 2013


Is your (art) business a goal or a product of your passion?

When a consumer looks at your work do they automatically think it is yours?

Do you think about branding or are you creating without a thought of the marketing side?

At the Chanel No. 5 exhibit (Paris, May 2013), branding was at the forefront of the perfume's creation.

(photo credit Sophia Reford)

Not only did Gabrielle Chanel create a new scent using chemical components never used before in perfumes, she was selling an image.

The clean lines that she is known for were visible in the construction of the bottle and the packaging.

Her rival fashion house, Elsa Schiaparelli, is in the process of being relaunched and with that comes a fresh look at the brand. Iconic designer Christian Lacroix was invited to create 18 pieces for the brand. His work was recently unveiled during Haute Couture Week in Paris.

Schiaparelli's vintage silk scarf,
a present from my daughter.

These "art" pieces are not for sale. The concept was to create an 'hommage' to Schiaparelli. It was more like a theatrical show rather than a regular 'défilé', where the designs were exhibited on mannequins placed on a carrousel and the entrance was more like a stage set of trees adorned with birds on electronic tablets.

To see a video of the dresses click here.


  1. When you're trying to create a name in a certain industry, it's important to look up to those top brands because you'll surely learn a lot from them. Consider them as your inspiration and follow their footsteps. Observe how they run their business. However, make sure to come up with your own strategy as well.

    Vernia Soriano @ Onesixtyfourth

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is obvious you are in the "branding" business. I think art doesn't really work that way. I think your brand evolves from what you create. The more you create the more you find your style, your way and that becomes your brand. It grows from your creativity and is not a thing that is planned beforehand.