Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finnish Textiles

signature of Finnish creator, Armi Ratia

She and her husband established a printing workshop in Finland in 1951.

Her strong colours and designs became known all around the world.

Vesimelooni (watermelon) pattern
screen printed cotton
design by M. Isola for Marimekko

Marimekko's philosophy shaped a new approach to living through fashion and design.

Pienet Kivet pattern 1956
screen printed cotton
design by M. Isola

Everything I saw looked so NOW.

Her designs have transcended time.

my favourite -great angle 

Curator, Shauna McCabe, included some great ads throughout the exhibit.

Vesimelooni (left)
Silkkikuikka (great crested grebe) pattern (right)
screen printed cotton
design by M. Isola

I owned a Marimekko bag when I lived in Vienna in the early 80's....where did that bag go??

Basso pattern (left)1975
Oona (right) 1969
Both are screen printed cotton
Both designed by M. Isola
for Marimekko

It was wonderful to be surrounded by such large fabrics; large in size, large in importance, large in influence, LARGE

The retrospective is on till April 21 at the Textile Museum in Toronto.

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