Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bad Art

British photographer, Martin Parr, says he has to take many bad photographs in order to take one good one.

I have to make lots of bad art before I can be happy with a piece.

That is why I like working on my postcards. Click here for details on my postcard routine.

It's always difficult to make good postcards after I am away from my studio for long periods of time.

That is why one of my promises for 2013 is to DO more. More art- sewing- stitching- drawing.

Last year, I promised to host more parties at my house and I did that!! So fun!

1 comment:

  1. Do you remember when we shot 'film'? I had a professor who claimed that a photographer was 'lucky' if he got a good shot in 36 frames. The point was 'do' more. And to add to that....there was a story, I think it was in that book 'Art & Fear' that spoke of the experiment a ceramics teacher gave his students. One half of them were given the task of making a 'perfect' pot. The others were give the task of making as many as they could. Guess who made the best pots?