Monday, May 14, 2012

Affirmation from an Expert

I loved hanging out with teacher/ textile artist Pat Pauly. I liked her energy, her way of teaching, her course material.

Pat Pauly speaking about her work
I loved her style of art work which is why I took her class.

Pat Pauly's work piled high on a table

Some of the steps we took in the class for our art experience are things I already do so that was an affirmation for me.

Things that I agree with...

Machine stitching can NOT save a piece...actually I knew that from experience (ugh) but it was good to hear it again!

Pat Pauly pointing out some machine quilting designs

Just because it was sewn in a messy way does not make it art!! (I have heard that excuse for textile art work before and it was upsetting! Glad Pat agrees.)

more of Pat Pauly's work

Only have one thing on your design wall at a time otherwise it can be distracting...need to do more of that! Since I work on several things at a time there is always too much stuff hanging up.

Pat's latest work (can't remember any titles! Sorry Pat!!)


  1. Her work is in the same Quilt National exhibit that mine is. I believe that she was at the opening. I didn't meet her, but I too love her work.

    Lucky you to have studied with her. She has such a bold style.

  2. Well, Sandra, it was a delight to have you in the group, and I enjoyed myself. Dog-tired, for sure, but lots of fun. And I love your summary of points from my lecture. I think I must have traveled with my soap-box! Thank you Judy Martin, too. Your work is so strong.