Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Course

I spent this weekend at an Ontario Craft Council sponsored class, Maker to Making a Living with Jacqueline Sava.

They never teach you the business side of things in art school.

Jacqueline had the perfect perspective with her "maker" experience and her MBA.

I did this because I want to make more money doing something I love.

I have lots to think about and calculate after this intense weekend. Before I make a judgement on any idea I will make a spread sheet and figure it out properly and not how I usually do it, which is with my heart and intuition!

I did manage to fit in some ART in between all the business stuff - a performance of a musical at St Michael's College School on Saturday night where I use to be choreographer.

And for my readers who love my pictures, here is what downtown Toronto looked like last week.


  1. Oh! It's beautiful isn't it... been wanting to walk down the philosopher's walk... (is that what they call it?) I must go this weekend... and to High Park to see the Cherry Blossoms!

    1. Thanks for your comment! The path lined with trees is behind Robart's Library at U of T. They don't look that great this week with all the cold we've had. Remember to walk by there next year in the early spring.