Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here and There

My son and I dropped in at Propeller, a gallery on Queen Street in downtown Toronto, to see textile works by graduating students from Sheridan College at the exhibit "Here and There".

I liked the idea from artist, Mary Desrosiers.

An excerpt from her artist's statement:

"This piece examines preconceived notions about size and how ones identity can gradually change over time. Whether that change is from the internal or external factors...... I feel knitting is one of the best visual ways to show the passing of time."

Transformation 2012
hand knitting, acrylic yarn, rayon and cotton threads
My favorite piece was by Francie V.

His Twinkling Perch, 2012, detail
cotton, cutwork, natural dyes, embroidery

His Twinkling Perch and other works from students, furniture and textile.

It is great to see such open-minded interest from a 19 year old!

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