Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My New Singer

Well, it isn't really new. It was my grandfather's industrial machine.

It got some TLC (tender loving care) this week.

Fred from Shamrock Sewing Machines made a house call, got it into shape and gave me a lesson on how to use it!

I remember my grandfather using it when I hung out at his tailor shop on Saturday afternoons after ballet class.

I loved looking through the sample books.

I think the thing I will like the best on this machine is the bobbin winder.
(left side) The bobbin winds as the machine is sewing! How cool is that!
See the black mark on the left?
 It is where he use to hang his cigarette while he sewed.
 He use to forget it and it use to burn the wood. I remember that, too.

My grandmother will be so happy when I call and tell her I'm using it! I'll be seeing her this weekend in Montreal.

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