Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Canadian Landscape

What makes our textile work as Canadians different from the quilting and textile art of Europe?

I believe it is the landscape and how it influences our work, consciously or subconsciously.

"Textile art in Canada is not only inspired by the environment, it
often incorporates that very thing.

Quilts are made of fabric hand-dyed with collected berries or bark;

in the city fabric is dyed with rusted metal.

The forms reflect the symmetry of the skyscrapers

or the raw shapes of the outdoors.

The materials used are themselves important and are often sentimental conversations with the past in the re-use of fabrics.

Although we come from different backgrounds and cultural influences, it is the Canadian landscape that brings us together and inspires our art."

Excerpt from my curator's statement for the 18th Carrefour EuropeƩn du Patchwork.
Canadian photographs by me and my daughter, Isabelle. (photos from provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia)

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