Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to Purple

I had a busy week dealing with deadlines and such for the France show. There is still lots to do for the exhibit but I needed to do some sewing to clear my head!

I knew I wanted to stitch this piece heavily. It took a while to decide how to proceed.

I use newspaper as a template instead of marking my fabric with a pencil.

That is why I work on several pieces at the same time. Some need to stay on the design wall and "simmer" until they are ready.

The back fabric was bought in South Africa
but doesn't necessarily mean it is  from there.  I just know it is African.
 -hand dyed and batik designs.

A study done in the 80's by Dr. R. Reiner, of the New York University Medical Center, studied women while playing cards, watching video games, reading the newspaper, painting at an easel and sewing simple projects. He found that heart rates decreased by 7 to 11 beats per minute when women were sewing but increased by 4 to 8 beats during the other activities.

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