Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am a Textile Artist

I make quilts (blankets) out of cottons and I make textile art (to hang on your wall) out of painted and dyed fabric, plastic and paper.

What is wrong with doing both?

One of my daughters says I will not be taken seriously as an artist if I make blankets!

I AM a serious artist.

a friend and I (right) discharge dying with bleach
speaking about my art at Quiltitalia's National Conference
 Rimini, Italy, November 2009
detail installation, Toronto Public Library
Spadina Branch, 2010
detail La Poesie d'un Plume
exhibited MoA Gallery, Verona,

detail, 'reuse reduce recycle'
international juried show, 13th Carrefour Europeen
du Patchwork, France


I love making quilts.

One of my daughters and I cuddling under her grad quilt.
All her friends signed it!

Quilting has given me an opportunity to teach and travel in Europe. I love doing that. People enjoy my classes. I had 90 people signed up for my class last year at Quiltitalia's National Conference in Cervia, Italy. Seeing what is going on in Europe regarding textile art has enriched and inspired me as an artist.

Why can't I do both?

Working on one means less time for the other- I understand that.

The time management skills I have honed as a mother of 4 are coming in handy!

me, the 4 children and the dog, 1993

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