Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Final Results

The results of my dying experiment were disappointing.

The fabric was a kind of red-purple colour before I rinsed it. Now the cloth looks dirty with a hint of pink.

There are a few interesting line designs that transfered onto the fabric pieces.

Maybe I can do something with those.

The string changed colour. It is subtle but I can use it to couch with.

Did I not leave my fabric packets sitting long enough? Was it the wrong vegetable? 

I like to "GO BIG OR GO HOME" so I won't be repeating that procedure anytime soon!


  1. I tried, the pigments are not strong enought to pigment/and stain cloth.
    Yet, figure this out, it will stain and pigment a top you are inlove with while out having a fancy dinner with your date.

  2. Sandra

    The type of cloth you choose makes a huge difference. Silk or wool accept natural dye the best.

    If you are using cotton or linen, it has to be pre-mordanted with alum.

    I haven't tried beets for a while - not since my failure with them last summer - but if I was going to use them again, I would add vinegar and sugar like they do in pickles.

    I had great success with red cabbage over the weekend - it dyed the fabric a deep purple with an addition of one cup of salt.

    Don't give up. Get some books.