Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teaching this Fall

Since I will be in one place for the fall, I have decided to do some teaching! Classes will be held in Toronto, east and west locations. Classes include quilt making my machine for beginners, paper piecing, quilt-as-you-go and a 'come and sew' morning. Please view my schedule here.

Below are some of the happy beginner students and their projects. Most of the photographs were taken at our Quilt Recital, spring 2010

Accuracy Course with an emphasis on
values (lights, mediums, darks)

Community Project-Jones Public Library
Victorian Crazy Quilting
the youngest quilter explains

Course: Setting your Blocks on Point
We touched on the Floating Stars block.

Log Cabin Course

9-patch beginner class

9-patch beginner class

9-patch beginner class

9-patch beginner class

Isn't it fun that the 9-patch beginner quilts look completely different yet they are all made from the same block! I pride myself on that. Everyone's work SHOULD look different.

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