Saturday, September 17, 2011

Art Classes

I am taking a Collage and Assemblage class with Donnely Smallwood at the Toronto School of Art.

Thimble near the school @ Spadina and Richmond

Last week was our first class. The teacher explained what we would be doing and we worked on a collective exercise to break the ice.

full view of collective exercise, my head

I remember doing this with my kids when they were little. We had such fun! Fold a paper in thirds and have one person draw a head. Fold it over to hide it and pass it onto the next person so they can draw the body and the next person to draw the legs.

full views

just the bottoms, mine is first on the right

It is amazing how the parts work together even though they are separate entities.

I know I will be able to apply the experience that I gain from this class towards my textile art. It will influence my textile pieces.

On the long walk back home, I saw the first sign that winter is coming!

Autumn tree in front of Robarts Library

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