Thursday, February 3, 2011

baby earth

BABY EARTH is hanging in Salon Coco (1139 Davenport Road, Toronto, M6H 2G4)
from February 3 to 17.

The quilt I made in 2005 was inspired by Baby Earth, one of my children's favorite books by Michele Petit-Jean.

I created it as if a grade one student made it - you remember all the hearts and stars in your drawings then and practicing your cursive writing while staying in between the red lines.

hand embroidered, hand applique

Baby Earth, 2005, 49" x 58.5", 125cm x 149cm

I tied the quilt instead of "quilting" it. The movement of tying reminded me of tying shoelaces, something a parent would do - just part of taking care of a child.

Shiny things were added to the clothing worn by the Haida native Indians to keep the evil spirits away. I protected the earth with all the shiny white buttons. They are from my grandmother's sewing box.

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