Tuesday, January 18, 2011

looking for inspiration

                                                Henry Hartmann said,

                           "Success happens when preparation meets opportunity"

                      I am not prepared. Two exhibiting opportunities knocked this week.
                        I feel pressured to finish works that have been pushed aside.
                            My ideas aren't flowing as I panic through the process.


                                I spent the day at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

                        Volunteer Sue Dime gave me a tour. What a great presenter!
                                 I took a look at Henry Moore in a whole new way.

I wondered how he felt as he carved holes in his work.

I had a quilt that didn't say anything.
I decided to paint it and make holes in it.
I cut it up in pieces. 

Spring Thaw, 2008, 72.5cm x 78cm

I like how I put it back together. 

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