Friday, January 21, 2011

her imponderable creative question of the day

Why do quilts turn out so different from what I originally intended, asks one of my students.

My answer: That happens in art! That is the fun of the creative process. You start with an idea. Your piece has been created in your mind. You have a picture of it there. To me the creative process is already done! The question is: Do you want to copy/reproduce that idea exactly?

I always start with an idea. My art work, even my quilts, never turn out the way I imagined them at the beginning. My mind image is a starting point. An idea is alive and grows. I have learned to go with the flow as I begin to create physically, with my fabrics and paint and thread.

Birth, 4"x6", 2006

So don't worry about what your work has become. Enjoy the creative process as it evolves and embrace your final product! It is beautiful!!


  1. Ciao , bellissimo il tuo blog.

  2. I agree ... some of my quilts have a mind of there own! It is the process I enjoy.

  3. Sandra, mia cara Sandra!!!!!!!!Benvenuta nel mondo dei blog! Ti raccomando, metti il traduttore Google se non non capisco niente!!!!!Un abbraccio