Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day

Happy 150th Canada! What a great country!

I will be giving a few of these pins out to my Italian friends today.

I am in Italy right now so I won't really be celebrating like I would have been in Toronto.

Our beach without umbrellas

Our prime minister Justin Trudeau was in Italy recently and people here are still buzzing about him!

More coastline of the province Basilicata

They are so impressed with his ways, ideas, public speaking themes...

Our town from above

...and of course his looks!

Down the coast a little

There have been several articles in the Italian papers about our fine country with comments on our immigration policy. We are really such a good role model for the world.

(photos of the region by local resident, hobby photographer and friend, Domenico Vittorini. You can find him on Facebook)

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  1. happy Canada Day Sandra!!

    You are a very good ambassador for our beautiful and generous country. xoxo