Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sense of Touch

I went to the Ontario Craft's new location on Queen Street West, Toronto.

My Light Green Heart, Judy Martin
22.5"w x 29"h  /57cm x 74cm
To see the entire work click here.
(artist's post from February 17)
I apologize for these pictures. I took them with my cell phone and the colour isn't quite right!

I went to see Judy Martin's work that was exhibited in their gallery.

I entered the gallery and walked right by the work. I guess I was expecting My Light Green Heart to be much larger.

The warn linen looked so soft. You really did want to touch it and feel its softness and the folds and the texture of the layered hand-stitched circles.

Quoted from the gallery label:

Judy's work is grounded in the phenomenological idea that sense of touch is the most effective way to make an emotional connection with others and her surfaces are covered with hand stitching.

She used vintage Damask linen which she dyed.

I just received some antique italian linen which I printed on. The design of the weave shows through the printing and gives a lovely texture.

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  1. Sandra
    I very much appreciate that you visited this exhibition and that you wrote an entire blog post about my work.
    Thank you very much for your beautiful and supportive self.
    I will link to this post -

    this piece has been invited to show in Thunder Bay Art Gallery for the summer in an exhibition entitled "Perspectives From Here". Thunder Bay is in north western Ontario which is my birth place, and so that gallery considers me one of their own region. I was born in Fort Frances, 6 houurs north and west from Thunder Bay. Closer to Winnipeg than any other city (4 hours )