Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Back in the Studio

It has been a few weeks since I posted and I am sorry for all who kept coming to visit my blog and kept seeing the Gangi post.

I have been back in Toronto for over a week and my suitcase is still on the floor in my dressing room... open... but full!

Today, I made some time to sew.

journal cover

I made the book wrap for my Umbria journal.

I have the stone walls represented, the cypress trees, the rolling hills, the gorgeous sky at sunset, the red string from the textile-art therapy workshop.

Piece on the left shows the lining fabric of the wrap.

And even the olive trees! I happen to find a piece of William Morris reproduction fabric in my stash and although his branches are willows, the colouring and the shape reminded my of the olive trees from Umbria.

I used scraps from Sofia Verna's Ms Emma Designs. Fitting since she taught one of the workshops we did.

I plan to bring it to the Oakville Guild this Thursday when I give my talk.

The theme of my talk is Inspiration. Where do my ideas come from? I hope to inspire the audience!


  1. You are energized by your time away! This is a beauitful book cover - you are sure to inspire that guild with your talk. Best of luck. xox

  2. ..great book cover..it certainly gives the feel of the Umbrian hills...it was a wonderful experience all around...