Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Radiation Exhibit Continues

This post is about a show that happened in Lennep, Germany a few weeks ago.

The Radiation exhibit, or "Strahlung" exhibit, was divided between two museums because of its size. It was a cooperation between the Tuchmuseum (textile museum) and the Deutsche Röntgen Museum across the street. Doctor Wilhelm Röntgen invented the x-ray so it was fitting the exhibit went there.

View of one room in the textile museum. My piece is on the right.

Mine was at the textile museum and I heard the interest and attendance was high which made the museum very happy! To see some of the history of this exhibit click here and here and here.

View inside the textile museum in Lennep. 

This exhibit is going to be shown once more in June in Celle, Germany, at a patchwork day and then my piece will be mailed back after 2 years of touring.

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