Friday, October 16, 2015

Having a Great Day

I am having a great Friday!

It started with a breakfast with my husband at my favourite place. Then 2 hours of knitting and chatting at the Purple Purl. Then baking for tonight's dinner party. The house smells fabulous!

Something I saw at the knitting store this morning reminded me of something funny.

Bunting (knitted) hanging at the Purple Purl.

In Italy, I often see prayer flags of different colours hanging from the balconies.

Here is one example (top right side)

The coloured, rectangle flags are sometimes used to bless the surrounding countryside. The wind takes the blessing and carries it everywhere. All who are touched by the wind are uplifted and a little happier.

I saw something like it in Umbria except the colours were different.

After I uploaded the images on my computer I realized it was a clothesline of rags!

I hope on whichever day you are reading this, that you too are having a great day!

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