Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Inspired by the Surroundings

I have been holidaying in the south of Italy for the past 9 summers. Every year there are fires in the mountains. Man made. Illegally.

120 cm x 80cm
artist: Maria Teresa Sansotta
In this photograph the art work is hanging on a black-coloured wall

How long does it take to grow a tree?

How long does it take to burn it?

detail, Controluce
free motion, hand dyed cotton

Having this textile work exhibited in Italy brought this issue forward. Her work sold to a southern family who lives in the north of Italy.

There were 4 fires in July where I was staying. Driving down to Calabria later in July, it was evident there had been many fires in their province as well, either recent or in the past.

The plane arrives to put out the fire only about 3 to 4 hours after the report is called in. It scoops water from the Tyrrhenian Sea and flies back to the mountain fire, repeating that several times until it is out.

It is quite spectacular to see the skills of those pilots!

Ms Sansotta used these fires as inspiration for her work, Controluce. Anything can inspire. Be open.

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