Friday, November 14, 2014


I visited the World Of Threads festival exhibit (going on till November 30 in Oakville and Mississauga).

Not To Know But To Go On
Judy Martin

Judy Martin's works were spectacular and by far my favourites.

detail, Not To Know But To Go On
Judy Martin

I have been following her Circle Project (details seen below) since the beginning and I was glad to have finally seen those 4 pieces 'live' and not from a photograph. It's a whole different experience standing in front of such work. The size, the detail.

I see many textile exhibits around the world. I'd like to make a general comment about some of the textile "artwork" I am seeing. Just because the work is messy doesn't make it art. Just because you can collage or sew things together doesn't make you an artist. One of the qualities an artist has to have, in my opinion, is an advanced skill level in the medium of choice while executing his/her thoughts and ideas.

I expect to see techniques that are well executed when I go to exhibits.

If you chose fabric as your medium, best learn your basic sewing skills.

* in this spot I had written a few lines about certain works I saw at the World Of Thread exhibit that in my opinion were lacking skill in the sewing department and after talking to my husband about it he pointed out that I could still give my opinion and not point to someone's work in particular. True. So I have removed the images and criticism but I do stand by my opinion that if a work is going to be exhibited it should be demonstrating fine skill.

Moving to Judy Martin's work. Well, here is someone who knows her craft and has a skill level that is impressive.

detail, Not To Know But To Go On
Judy Martin
I love the way the embroidery floss changes
the colour of the fabric underneath

The above 3 images are details of the Circle Project
by Judy Martin and community 

I also enjoyed the weavings of Quebecer, Louise Lemieux Bérubé. Again such skill!

Rodin e Claudel no 1
244 cm x 412 cm
Louise Lemieux Bérubé
jacquard weaving
cotton, linen, dyes

I loved her theme too, maybe because my previous career was in dance and I can appreciate the movements of her subjects.


  1. I was blow away by Judy Martins Circle Project, without a doubt my favorite pieces, beautiful subtle colors but with such intricate design. Judy certainly sets the bar high and inspires me to want to strive for a higher degree of excellence

  2. Sandra!!
    Thank you for this glorious post. I appreciate so much that you write about my work in a positive way. You are courageous in your remarks, and I love that about you.

    I loved Victoria Carley's work because of the way she used traditional piecing in such a painterly way. The flying geese triangles in her work flew with passion.

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  4. Like many international exhibitions, World of Threads is selected from digital images. Textiles especially are much different when we see them in real life, and I'm sure there were more than a few surprises for the curators.