Sunday, November 24, 2013

Art Gallery in Lima

I visited the MALI, Lima's art museum, but only one exhibit was available for viewing as the rest of the gallery is being restored.

This image was taken from the program. Work by Sergio Zevallos.

I saw the exhibit called The Wondering Body with works by Sergio Zevallos from the Grupo Chaclacayo.

The exhibit was mainly photography but there were several pieces of collage which I enjoyed very much.

Santa Rosa's image was used and altered with drawing and collage.
I understood it to be about the tension between Catholic devotion
of the country
and the real life horror of the armed conflict (1980-2000).
The group also made collages from waste,
sadomasochistic reenactments,
religious transvestism,
processions of alters made from trash.
Their art found no place in Lima.
(image photographed from the program)

The group consisted of three members. After their first and only exhibit in Lima, they went into a self-imposed exile in a house in the Chaclacayo district where they worked for 6 years. The group decided to move to Germany in 1989 in part due to the growing social and political hostility of the armed conflict in Peru. The artists took with them all their work and what they could not bring they burned and carried the ashes with them.    

The group dismantled in the mid '90s. Their works never returned permanently to Peru.

The triangular roof is installed over the courtyard of the building.
It's an odd sensation being inside a building but really being outside!

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