Thursday, June 20, 2013

Treasures Found and Finished

Coming back home after I have been away for a while gives me the opportunity to see the house from fresh eyes. I usually say something like, "What? I live like this??"

After throwing out stuff that is broken and unrepairable or recycling clothes, books and bikes, comes the studio clean-up.

I have found many quilt tops that were 75% to 90% done. I wonder why I never finished them?

I have started to finish them using fabric I have and only buying back fabric IF needed. Sometimes I can sew a few pieces together and make a very interesting back. The pictures of the quilt tops seen in this post are the ones I finished in the last ten days. Amazing!!

They'll be dropped off at the quilters soon.

Once they are quilted, we'll be able to use them and enjoy them or give them away as special gifts.

Much better than being in a cardboard box!

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