Saturday, March 2, 2013

Copper Symposium

The MINERALS works are exhibited all day today at the Copper Symposium hosted by KEGS, Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society.

works from left to right by:
Pat Caffrey, Gordana Brelih. Wilma Kenny, Helena Scheffer, Sandra Reford,
Clare Kirby, Catherine Timm, Kate Madeloso

The textile art works that are in the meeting area will be enjoyed by geophysicists from across North America and around the world.

It is KEGS 60th anniversary this year so I am sure their event will be well attended.

works from right to left made by:
Sofia Verna, Suzanne Neilson, Lorraine Roy, Susan Johnson,
Joan Freeman, Anna Hergert, Joan Hug-Valeriote

During the set up, one geophysicist (works in Saskatoon) took tons of pictures! He was impressed!!

My apologies to Alice Vander Vennen who was one of the invited artists for this exhibit. Her piece arrived while I was at my grandmother's funeral in Montreal and I was unable to pick it up in time for the 6:30 a.m. set up. It will join the works in other events within the PDAC throughout the week.

Here is a glimpse of her art work.

Hidden Narrative,
25cm x 80cm
by A. Vander Vennen

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