Monday, February 4, 2013

Saving Time

The thing with quilting (I guess the word I should be using is PIECING) is the time it takes.

One of the stages that takes time is cutting! Imagine if that part was done already. Sure you can buy pre-cut strips and squares (be mindful as they are not always measured accurately) but how about adopting my method?

tip: when you are cutting fabric for a project and you have a small piece left over, cut that piece as well instead of folding it and putting it away. You are ready with a clean surface for cutting and your rotary cutter is in your hand...why not cut it then and there?
Know which sizes are practical for you. Personally, I use lots of strips in my scrap quilts (sizes 1.5, 2, 2.5 inches). I also use 5 inch squares so if the fabric is wide enough I cut some of those. 
(segment from my soon-to-be-published book)

I made these blocks in 4 days, just little bits at a time.

It sparkles! I love scrap quilts.

Most of the half-square triangles were left over from another project and the squares were already cut and stored in a labelled shoe box, also left over from a previous project. I had to add to that, of course. It came together so fast! I still have a few more blocks to make and one of these quiet days between big projects I will.

Several blocks up on my vertical design wall.

My scrap class at the Mississauga Guild is coming up on February 9. It's a full day workshop. Sign up!! It's open to everyone who has too much fabric!!

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