Monday, October 1, 2012

Art Class

Every year I sign up for some sort of class. This year I chose an art class from the Toronto School of Art. It is a sketching class.

My teacher, Iris Häussler, is a conceptual artist. Her approach and her way of teaching is very new to me.

We sketched for 1 minute and then the model changed position. I just had to keep sketching without thinking of the final product- there was no time. "Process" is what we were doing.

My first try.
One minute is too fast to sketch a person!

It was interesting to compare the first attempts
 at capturing a position and the later ones.
This one I did towards the end of the class. I did get better!

It is very energizing to try new things, learn new skills and new ways of thinking.

I am not sure how it will influence my textile work but I know it will.

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