Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Steps in Making a Quilt


There are 16 processes in making my quilts.

Here they are listed :

1. Have an idea

2. Select fabric 

3. Do the math to calculate sizes of fabric pieces

4. Cut fabric 

5. Sew geometric design (by hand or by machine)

6. Make the back

7. Layer using batting 

8. Baste three layers

9. Stitch (or quilt) three layers together (by hand or by machine)

10. Trim edges

11. Sew binding strip

12. Attach binding strip by machine

13. Turn edge and sew to the back by hand

14. Sign quilt using machine

15. Make label

16. Sew label on by hand

So much attention goes into selecting the right fabric.

So much care goes into making my quilts.

I write the number of hours it takes to make a quilt on the gift card.

How much would you pay for an original hand-made quilt?

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